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Beef is the heart of our operation, and we pride ourselves on producing some of the highest quality beef around. The calves are born in the spring, weaned in early winter and are fed a tailored ration through the winter for growth and finish. We also grow cereals, canola and peas as well as smooth brome for seed.

We utilize perennial pasture, stockpiled forage, swath and bale grazing and cover crops to maximize the grazing days we have available in our unique climate. The majority of our forage is grown from Union Forage seed which is also available for sale from the farm. 

Our Mission Statement:

Jackknife Creek Land & Cattle strives to deliver agriculture products by focusing on land stewardship, animal welfare and innovation to inspire confidence in our customers. We bring local knowledge, forward thinking and strong family values together to ensure that the farm will continue to be viable and sustainable for future generations.

What We Do

Get your free guide to cooking through a box of beef complete with our favourite recipes!

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