Single Cuts


Roasts star in special occasion meals either in our smoker or roasted to perfection in the oven in the winter months. Need a quick and easy meal that provides some left overs too? Try the slow cooker for tender beef that can be served as a pot roast or shredded and used for beef dip sandwiches.


From premium rib eyes to simple round or sirloin cuts, steaks are a favourite in our household. Our grill sees use 12 months of the year but we also use budget cuts for fajitas and stirfries.

Pepperoni, Smokies and Jerky

Pepperoni and beer sticks are a year round favourite from holiday snack platters to school lunches to summer snacks. Jerky and garlic sausage are two other great options! Our all beef smokies are packed for every family camp out and make a great quick meal on the grill during the summer when we would rather be outside than cooking.

Ground Beef

Hamburgers, casseroles, soup, meatballs - the possibilities are endless! Ground beef is available in either one or two pound packages.


Beef Bacon

But bacon comes from a pig, doesn't it? 100% correct but it can also be made from beef! The end product is leaner with the same great smoky flavour you're looking for from one of the most beloved food groups. 

Sliced and packaged in approximately 1 lb packages


All Beef Breakfast Sausages

By the time 10am rolls around is breakfast a distant memory? Our protein packed all beef breakfast sausages will help keep you full until lunch. They're delicious if you're a breakfast for supper fan too!

Available in 1lb packages (9 sausages) or 5lb boxes, Regular or Maple flavour

$8.50/pkg or $42.50/box

Hamburger Patties

These seasoned homestyle patties are perfect for a quick meal or to throw in the trailer for your next camping adventure. 5 patties per package


Box of Hamburger Patties

Our burger patties are also available in a 10 lb box!



If you have a smoker, brisket is likely a favourite cut! However, brisket is excellent cooked low and slow in the oven or slow cooker too.


Maui Ribs and Short Ribs

Short ribs are a versatile cut but my favourite way to cook them is low and slow in the oven. Our short ribs are cut in 2" lengths. Maui ribs are thinly cut short ribs and are best enjoyed grilled.


Minute Steak

Minute steak, also known as cube steak, is a small tenderized steak. This cut is great for a quick and easy meal on the stovetop. Our favourite way to prepare these are chicken fried steak!

Four steaks per package


Stew Meat

Stew meat comes pre cut in 1" cubes perfect for soups and stews!


Beef Marrow Bones

​Beef soup bones make an excellent broth for a wide variety of recipes and are packed with nutrition. For a 'leave it and forget it' option you can add the soup bones and desired veggies to a slow cooker with water to make broth!


Organs and Specialty Cuts

We also stock an assortment of specialty cuts including beef liver, heart, tongue and kidney. 


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