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Quarter, Half and Whole Beef

We sell beef by the quarter, half and whole. This bulk buying strategy allows you to specify your custom cutting instructions and is the most economical way to purchase our beef.

Boxes of Beef

We know that sometimes a quarter of beef is too much, so we're offering smaller boxes. There's boxes for the BBQ aficionado, for those that like to entertain and for mom's that are just interested in buying enough beef to last their family a few weeks without having to go to the grocery store.

Bonus- ordering a box of beef offers you a savings compared to ordering single cuts.

Single Cuts

Looking for something specific? We sell all of our products individually as well as in packages. This includes steaks, roasts, ground beef, pepperoni, smokies, brisket, short ribs, stew meat, etc. If you are looking for something specific and can't find it in our product listing let us know! We bring in product throughout the year and would be happy to accommodate your request.

Gift Certificates

Looking for a unique gift? We have gift certificates available that can be redeemed for anything on our product list.

Dog Bones

​Looking for a treat for your furry friend? We have the perfect product for you! All bones and scraps are unprocessed.


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