The Elf Gift Box

The Elf Gift Box


The Elf Gift Box is a small sample of Jackknife Creek beef that is the perfect size to say thank you to someone this holiday season!


- 1 T-Bone steak

- 2 lbs ground beef

- 1 package of beer sticks

- 1 package of medium pepperoni

- 1 package of garlic sausage

- 1 package of original beef jerky

- 1 package of smokies


Want to buy this as a gift for someone but don't have the freezer space? Check out this option!

WHAT PEOPLE are saying about jackknife creek beef

"We absolutely love the products we’ve purchased as well as the awesome service. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed beef like this since my dad retired from beef farming. I especially like seeing the FaceBook posts about how the cattle are fed, etc. and it is clear how they are valued. This is very important to me as a consumer."

— Sheila

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