Standard Cut Quarter Beef

Standard Cut Quarter Beef


Our standard cut quarter comes with a variety of cuts from steaks to roasts to ground beef and is one of the most economical ways to fill your freezer with beef from our family farm.


Guaranteed at least 110 lbs of beef. Some substitutions may be made depending on customer preference and stock availability. All cuts can be substituted for ground beef with the exception of the soup bones. All cut weights are approximate as each beef varies in size and weight.


2 tenderloin steaks (2/package, 14 oz)
6 T-Bone steaks (16 oz each)
6 bone in ribeye steaks (16 oz each)
6 sirloin steaks (12 oz each)
2 round steaks (14 oz each)
1 flank steak (1.75 lbs)

1 skirt steak (1.25 lbs)
4 minute (cube) steaks (4/package, 1 lb)
2 sirloin tip roasts (3 lbs each)
2 round roasts (2.75 lbs each)
2 cross rib roasts (3 lbs each)
2 chuck roasts (3.25 lbs each)
1 eye of round roast (2.5 lbs)
1 half brisket (4-5 lbs)
2 stir fry strips (1 lb each)
2 pkgs short ribs (2 lbs each)
3 stewing beef (1 lb each)
45 lbs ground beef
5 lbs soup marrow bones

WHAT PEOPLE are saying about jackknife creek beef

"We absolutely love the products we’ve purchased as well as the awesome service. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed beef like this since my dad retired from beef farming. I especially like seeing the FaceBook posts about how the cattle are fed, etc. and it is clear how they are valued. This is very important to me as a consumer."

— Sheila