Roasts - Round, Cross Rib and Chuck

Roasts - Round, Cross Rib and Chuck


Cross rib, round and chuck roasts are slightly tougher cuts of beef than sirloin tip but work great as a pot roast or in the slow cooker. Round roasts make a good oven roast too but make sure to not cook past medium well or the end product will be dry since round is a very lean cut. If cooking as a pot roast or in the slow cooker make sure to serve with a sauce! A chuck roast contains the most fat (and flavour!) of the three and is excellent on the smoker for pulled beef or in a crockpot.


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"We absolutely love the products we’ve purchased as well as the awesome service. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed beef like this since my dad retired from beef farming. I especially like seeing the FaceBook posts about how the cattle are fed, etc. and it is clear how they are valued. This is very important to me as a consumer."

— Sheila