Quarter, Half and Whole Beef


Jackknife Creek beef is available by the quarter, half or whole beef every few months. This bulk buying strategy allows you to specify your custom cutting instructions and is the most economical way to purchase Jackknife Creek beef. Looking for more information on pricing and how this works? Check this out!


How to Order (make sure to read through to the end!):

Step 1) Read through our "How it Works" page on ordering custom cut quarters and halves or give us a call to discuss. Buying beef by the quarter or half is very different from picking up a few steaks for supper. Don't get us wrong - we think this is a great way to buy and get a lot of value but we don't want you to have any surprises along the way.

Step 2) Select your delivery week. We will be delivering to Peace River and Manning or you can pick up from Johnny's Sausage and Meats in Grimshaw.

Step 3) Decide how much beef you want to purchase - keep in mind that full customization is only available on halves and whole beef

Step 4) Finish your order and pay the deposit - the balance of your invoice will be due on delivery.

Important: The deposit is charged per quarter so if you are ordering a half select a quantity of 2 and pay a total deposit of $200

Delivery Week