Picanha is a South American favourite and rapidly gaining popularity up here. We can see why - juicy and tender steaks!


It goes by many names including top sirloin cap. Picanha is sold as a whole cut and can be cooked as is as a roast or sliced into steaks of your desired thickness. Since there are only two picanhas per beef these are in limited supply.


At Jackknife Creek, we slice into 1-1.5" steaks and thread them on a large skewer similar to how they are cooked in a Brazilian steak house. We cook ours directly on the BBQ grate but this would do really well cooked rotisserie style.



WHAT PEOPLE are saying about jackknife creek beef

"We absolutely love the products we’ve purchased as well as the awesome service. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed beef like this since my dad retired from beef farming. I especially like seeing the FaceBook posts about how the cattle are fed, etc. and it is clear how they are valued. This is very important to me as a consumer."

— Sheila