30 Minute Meal Box

30 Minute Meal Box

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This box contains the main ingredient (high quality protein!) for quick and easy meals. Ground beef makes for quick casseroles, pasta sauce and tacos. Strifry strips are versatile and can be used for fajitas or stirfry. Smokies, hot dogs and hamburgers all make for quick meals too!


The 30 Minute Meal Box contains:

- 3 pkgs stirfry strips

- 2 pkgs all beef smokies (6/pkg)

- 2 stacks of 5 oz patties (4/stack)

- 2 pkgs all beef hot dogs (6/pkg)

- 2 pkgs breakfast sausage

- 5 lbs ground beef


Box contains approximately 17.5 lbs of beef. Substitutions may be made depending on inventory.

WHAT PEOPLE are saying about jackknife creek beef

"We absolutely love the products we’ve purchased as well as the awesome service. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed beef like this since my dad retired from beef farming. I especially like seeing the FaceBook posts about how the cattle are fed, etc. and it is clear how they are valued. This is very important to me as a consumer."

— Sheila