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We decided to make the jump to add a blog to our website! Slightly scary, very exciting and definitely intimidating but we are taking the plunge. We plan to share our favourite recipes to inspire you to have fun in your kitchen with your families! And we may be adding some other blog posts about our day to day activities on the farm and our excitement about producing food.

Meet the faces behind Jackknife Creek Land & Cattle

Bob Noble and Nora Paulovich moved back to the family farm east of North Star in the late 1980s to begin their farming career and raise their family. Jolene, Cara and Lee grew up as the fourth generation to farm in the North Star area and had an active interest in the farm from a young age. Jolene and Lee have both returned to the farm to grow the business and Cara is working in Edmonton as an accountant but spends as much time as her career allows back at the farm.

At Jackknife Creek Land & Cattle beef is the heart of our operation, and we pride ourselves on producing some of the highest quality beef around. The calves are born in the spring, weaned in the winter and are fed a tailored ration through the winter for growth and finish. We also grow cereals, canola and peas as well as smooth bromegrass for seed.

We utilize perennial pasture, stockpiled forage, swath and bale grazing and cover crops to maximize the grazing days we have available in our unique climate. The majority of our forage, both annual and perennial, is grown from Union Forage seed. Summer and winter pasture is fenced with electric fence to improve plant and soil health while utilizing the available forage. This keeps our cows spread out on the fields and out of our corrals. We use Gallagher fencing supplies to manage our herd and pastures. Both Gallagher and Union Forage products are available for sale on the farm.

In 2017 we decided to offer beef for purchase from our farm. Our product is unique from many other beef products on the grocery store shelf since all animals are born, raised and finished on our family farm. Many other grocery stores and butchers purchase beef as large muscle cuts from wholesalers and then cut these down into retail cuts that appear on your dinner table. Our product is truly locally produced from our family farm.

Have questions?

We are passionate about what we do and love to talk about anything agriculture or beef related. If you have questions about what we do on the farm or how our animals and crops are raised, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch through social media, email or phone. And let us know if you're looking for recipe inspiration, have questions on the nutritional qualities of beef or want to know more about different cuts or products! Beef has been the staple at our house for years and we have always used every cut from tip to tail so we have a few recipes in our recipe box to share. We hope you enjoy time in the kitchen and the dinner table as much as we do!

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