What’s flank steak and what do I do with it?

Updated: Mar 22

Today’s blog is a bit of a different style. I’ll still be sharing a recipe with you fine folk, but this blog is going to focus more on the cut: flank steak.

Ever cooked with flank steak before? Or maybe you haven’t even heard of it? Well let me tell you, you’re in for a treat.

Let’s start with some background: what is flank steak? Flank steak doesn’t come from one of the more common parts of the carcass – it’s almost like a bonus cut. It isn’t the most well-known cut but boy does it deliver. It has a deep beefy flavor and can be grilled, pan fried or cooked in the oven. It looks a lot different than your typical steak because it is a whole muscle. Most steaks come from a much larger muscle and are cut to serving size. The flank is one small muscle so it is left whole. Flank steaks can be hard to come by because there are only two in an entire carcass! Flank steak looks like this: