A Two Part Mother's Day with Betty and Veronica

First things first - THANK YOU MOM!! For all you do for our family and our farm...and for being the glue that holds everything together through thick and thin!

Mother's Day on the farm is usually celebrated by filling the seed drill, moving fresh calves and their moms to new pasture, checking calving cows or any number of spring time chores. The month of May is a busy one for our farm with seeding and calving happening at the same time. This means that taking a day off for Mother's Day rarely happens.

It's a good thing Nora enjoys the farm as much as she does and checking calving cows or working in the garden is just as good as taking the day off.

Some years we make our own Mother's Day when the farm gets too busy on real Mother's Day. We still like to take a day with Nora to crop tour and cow tour and take some time as a family (her #1 request) - some years this plan works better than others. So this year we decided to wait a week to celebrate when Cara was home for the long weekend.