Heritage pork is a new addition to Jackknife Creek in 2021.


We raise our pigs outdoors throughout the summer and fall months. Our heritage Berkshire cross pigs are well suited to outdoor living with their coloured hides. Throughout the summer, the pigs are fed barley and peas that were grown on our farm along with the grass, roots and bugs they find in their pasture (plus a healthy dose of garden plants from all of our neighbours). Any type of squash is a favourite!

Berkshire pork is known for its tenderness, marbling, flavour and moisture as well as its darker colour compared to conventional pork. We hope that you taste and enjoy the difference!

This is a very seasonal product as we do not raise pigs year round. We purchase weaned piglets from a local farmer in the spring and raise them through the summer and fall before sending for harvest in November. 

Heritage Pork

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