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Single Cuts

Looking for something specific? We sell all of our products individually as well as in packages. This includes steaks, roasts, ground beef, pepperoni, smokies, brisket, short ribs, stew meat, etc. If you are looking for something specific and can't find it in our product listing let us know! We bring in product throughout the year and would be happy to accommodate your request.


We know that sometimes a quarter of beef is too much, so we're offering smaller packages. Packages include a variety of cuts that change depending on the season.

Ordering a package offers customers a savings compared to ordering single cuts.

Rib and T-Bone Steaks


Round Steak


Sirloin Tip Roast




Ground Beef

Ground beef available in either one, one and a half or two pound packages.


All Beef Smokies

Perfect for your next camping trip or an easy weeknight meal, JCLC smokies are in packages of 6.


All Beef Pepperoni and Beer Sticks

An excellent protein packed snack option. JCLC Pepperoni is in 1 lb packages. Choose between honey garlic pepperoni, medium pepperoni and beer sticks


Organs and Specialty Cuts

We also stock an assortment of specialty cuts including beef liver, heart, tongue and kidney. 


Elmer's Seasoning

Elmer Paulovich has been perfecting and preparing this spice mix for many years and we use it on steaks, roasts, burgers and more. You'll notice this as the majority of our JCLC recipe cards includes it in the ingredient list. We highly recommend it to make your next meal mmm mmm good!

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Quarter, Half and Whole Beef

We sell beef by the quarter, half and whole. This bulk buying strategy allows you to specify your custom cutting instructions and is the most economical way to purchase our beef. Contact us for more information on pricing and how to order.

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Sirloin Steak


Chuck Steak


Round, Cross Rib and Chuck Roasts


Maui Ribs and Short Ribs


Stew Meat


All Beef Cheddar Smokies

Perfect for your next camping trip or an easy weeknight meal, JCLC smokies are in packages of 6.


Beef Marrow Bones

Beef soup bones make an excellent broth for a wide variety of recipes and are packed with nutrition. For a 'leave it and forget it' option you can add the soup bones and desired veggies to a slow cooker with water to make broth!


Dog Bones

Looking for a treat for your furry friend? We have the perfect product for you! All bones and scraps are unprocessed.


SOLD OUT - All Beef Garlic Sausage

Great for a snack, appetizer or a meat and cheese tray to take to a friend's house. Packages include two coils of garlic sausage.


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